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We are the original SOMETHINGFREE.com

 We have created a site that is free of sneaky tricky back door offers through supposedly really getting something-free.

 At somethingfree.com the great stuff is free and unhindered with anything secondary. In example, you get this free if you buy this or do that! Not here, the listings full of products and services are truly free. Free from red tape and hidden agendas.

 Its just the way you want something free to be!

 We all love free stuff. In fact, we love it so much that we seek it out. Once we find it, we post it here for all to see and share and please get something free now.

 By offering free stuff, freebies, coupons, coupon codes and valuable tips for keeping your wallet or pocket book heavier, fuller and able to buy more things that might not be free.

 Here you find something free all in one stop, one location. Its great and filtered from the cons and the sneaky back end agenda of some companies.

 When we list product reviews, free stuff, free samples, coupon codes, discounts, and money-saving tips or something free it’s great to have and just that free stuff!

  These great companies have always something free on their merchant page and you will find on a daily basis for you to enjoy.

 Its fun to look for something free.

 Oh and to keep the site clean and with clean something free intent we make sure every merchant is credible and the item is truly free. If not we invite our visitors to report the something free promotion and if its not free, guess what! We send that company on its way, well after we allow them to clean up that something free item. After that if not then they are on their way! We don’t want you to waste your time with gimmicks and hidden sales tactics! 

 Please bookmark this site and remember something-free is always fun!